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Strengthening Un-reinforced CMU Walls NW Cornelius Pass Rd. Portland, OR


This project included mitigating hazards from an existing one-story un-reinforced concrete masonry building.  Un-reinforced masonry buildings have limited capacity to resist seismic loads.  In particular un-reinforced masonry buildings are highly susceptible to wall collapse as a result of out-of-plane loads on walls from seismic and wind forces.

Cost effective solutions to strengthen concrete and masonry

Collapse of existing unreinforced concrete and masonry walls is a well know problem in areas of moderate and high seismic activity. Masonry and concrete walls are heavy, brittle, and weak without reinforcement. How is this risk mitigated? In modern construction...

Pacific University Admin Building (Former Library), 21st Avenue & College Way, Forest Grove, Oregon

The building located at 21st Avenue and College Way is an existing one-story unreinforced brick building which is part of the greater Pacific University campus in Forest Grove, Oregon.  The existing building exterior walls were constructed primarily of two wythes of brick for most of the structure and partially of existing concrete masonry in other areas.